guild wars 2 guild Dark SoulsOur Thing

Dark Souls is a Guild Wars 2 guild for adults with an emphasis on helping one another and having fun. Our values include respect, patience, honesty, and humor. We are not trying to build a large guild with a high turnover – we don’t just want more people, we want more quality people. People who can act and speak like mature adults.


Upon joining Dark Souls, members acknowledge and understand they must conduct themselves within the bounds set forth by this charter. All members are required to read the understand the following.

Member Conduct

  1. A Dark Souls member should support the guild in events, gaining items, and party questing. Refrain from ragequitting or dropping out of parties when others are in need. We are here to help each other, even (especially) when it takes some effort.
  2. Members are not prohibited from joining other guilds, but should represent the Dark Souls guild whenever possible so that we can accrue Influence points.
  3. No l33tspeak or txt speak in guild chat or parties unless you are making fun of it. Please take the time to type what you want to say. We are not a heavy role-playing guild, but speaking in good basic English with some respect to the setting of the game is required. (e.g., no u, r, 2nite, lollerz, etc). If you can’t avoid using this kind of talk, Dark Souls is not the right guild for you.
  4. No begging of members or other players. Have some pride. Help others rather than ask for favors.
  5. Respect your fellow clan members and others. Members are prohibited from harassing others, talking about drugs, or other actions which dishonor the guild.
  6. Have fun. Do things just for the hell of it. Group with guild members even when you don’t need to group. Get to know each other.
  7. No drama. If you have an issue with a guild member, or the guild in general, contact the guild leader for a resolution.