WvWvW Event – Saturday Sept. 8, 9pm EST

We will meet for our first test run of WvWvW combat on Saturday at 9pm EST.  We will meet in Lion’s Arch near the Trader’s Forum waypoint at 8:30PM to start queuing (battleground to be decided). Please arrive early (8-8:30) so that we are all in WvWvW by around 9pm eastern time.

I will see if there are any guild upgrades/banners worth popping for the event. This is intended mostly as a test run and to get our feet wet, as well as share knowledge about WvWvW. Hope to see you all there.

Got kicked/removed?

There is a bug (among the many guild bugs) which is causing people to get kicked or drop out of guilds with no reason or warning. If you believe this has happened to you, please contact/mail Linien in game so I can re-add you.

Account Security

With the official release of the game, account hackers are now out in full force. Make sure your password is secure, and choose a difficult security question and answer. I’ve personally had two password reset attempt emails so far. Be safe!